With this project we have a goal to become the most popular team in Denmark with a healthy and growing economy to support our players in the best possible way and create great content for our fans and followers.


When 2016 turn to 2017, our ambition is that our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team are top 4 in Denmark.


This ambition demands great players therefore we are very happy to announce the acquisition of Team123.

We have faith in this team to bring us an exciting and bright future.


Alpha Gaming CS:GO

Danny "BERRY" Krüger

Rasmus "SandeN" Sanden

Nikolaj "holzt" Holst

Christian "rezex" Bjerregaard

Daniel "mertz" Mertz


Daniel “mertz” Mertz expressed the following statement:


“It is with great pleasure that we are now joining Alpha Gaming. We know we have the ability to accomplish great things and hope to create good results under this name. Our main goal at the moment is to become the best team we possibly can, and we are working towards doing that right now. I don't think we will win CPH Games, we still have a lot to work with and going against the teams that are attending will be a challenge. But I think we could do some damage against a lot of the teams and we hope to finish top5 at CPH Games.”


We have worked very hard in the last couple of weeks to sign them and secure them a spot at Copenhagen Games and we succeeded, so the first official matches they will play under the Alpha Gaming tag is right around the corner as Copenhagen Games starts the 24th of March.


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If you have any feedback, suggestions or anything make sure to write us on either Facebook or Twitter, and we will of course answer every single one of you!